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About Us

We are craftsman—shipwrights and dream makers, brought together by common beliefs and shared passions.

Every tiny home we build comes with a commitment to building the finest home, meant to last a lifetime.

Andrew Plumb, carpenter

Andrew Plumb

Carpenter | Operations

In 2022, I stepped away from my fast-paced life renovating restaurants, to focus on the healing power of patience and craft at the Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building on the edge of the Puget Sound. I earned a lifetime of lessons that go far beyond wood and water. I milled timber, I watched otters swim, and I contemplated life. I walked away from these experiences with a renewed dedication to quality and craft but more importantly, a vision toward using my skills to benefit people's lives at their most essential level—their homes.

Rick Wilding, founder

Carpentry is just part of Rick’s life’s work. He is a shipwright, a mycologist, a multi-instrumentalist, a sailor, a soap maker, an herbalist and a green thumb gardener. He makes wine and brews beer.  He owned and operated Panurge Emporium, a book store, in St Johns and Iron Oak Construction company in Portland.  He is currently completing a life long design project – an off the grid earth ship, a round home built into a hill with a passive solar heated floor for his retirement.

Rick Wilding

Founder | Consultant


Wilding Woodworks Tiny Homes shop is in Troutdale, Oregon, up the Columbia River and not far from the Portland airport.  We welcome visitors interested in exploring a Tiny Home on Wheels for themselves or their family.  Call, text or e-mail to schedule an appointment.


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