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DIY Shells
and Starters

Flawlessly Framed for You!

     Starter kits for the carpentry inclined.

          Many add on options available.

                From the most basic to the almost complete.

All WWTH are built on Iron Eagle Trailers.  There are many sizes. 


The following prices are estimates based on a 24' Trailer.

  • Basic Shell - includes subfloor, framed walls, and lofts, 1" foam thermal barrier, roof, sheathing, hold downs & bolts, tyvek and roof weatherproofing:   $37,500



  • Rough-in electrical - includes 100 amp panel, outlet and switch boxes, light boxes, wire, 50 amp RV hookup:  $5,000

  • Rough-in plumbing - includes ABS drains and PEX supply lines, RV hookup:  $2,500

  • Windows - Milgard: $5,500

  • Insulation - Rockwool: $2,000

Other options available.  Schedule time for a visit or conversation!

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