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Always a work in progress. We'll add your questions as they come to us.

Parking Tiny Homes on wheels

The rules and regulations governing THOWs are subject to change.  At your request, we will help you discover applicable regulations in your area.

Where can I park my THOW in Portland, Oregon?

On August 1st, 2021, new regulations were put into place in Portland Oregon allowing a THOW to be put on residential property without a permit.  

  • One RV/THOW may be used on any residential property (single-family or multifamily) as a legal housing option.  

  • If the RV/THOW has internal plumbing, the site must have a permitted RV sewer dump (similar to a sewer cleanout) and a water connection.  

  • There must be a permitted electrical hookup for the RV/THOW

  • The RV/THOW must be parked behind the front architectural plane of the primary dwelling on paved or unpaved surfaces.

Are THOW regulations changing?

WWTH believes change is as inevitable as it is welcome for people who choose THOW living.  We are all part of a growing movement to 'Dream Big, Live Green and Go Tiny', a movement that will help our planet, our health, our wallets and our desire to live more simply. Engage with your city, your county, your municipality to get answers to questions that, by the very ask, will start wheels moving for change.  It is upon us.

When can our THOW be ready for us?

WWTH builds 4 to 5 high quality, built to last, woodworked masterpiece THOWs every  year!  If you like one that is completed and no one has yet claimed it, it can be yours immediately.  


The turnaround time for the average WWTH is three months. We also build shells for those who want to take it from the outside in.  Shells take a month. For most builds, the clock starts upon ordering your Iron Eagle trailer, with a lead time of approximately 6 weeks. 


When you know what you want and are ready to go, we look forward to signing an agreement with you that will include the date of completion. That date will be determined by orders that have come before, first come, first served.   

Can you build a model with a bedroom on the ground floor?

Show us a model you prefer and we will work with you to build it as you want it to be. Neither the 24' Aspen nor the 24' Cider Box are designed for a down stairs bedroom. A down stairs bedroom would work in 28' versions of both models and is a cornerstone of Rick's new model. The Zephyr includes a downstairs bedroom with a vaulted ceiling and an upstairs loft bedroom for guests or storage.

We're currently working on a new floor plan with a downstairs bedroom and optional stairway to a guest loft.

Do you build stationary homes?

A THOW is a Tiny Home on Wheels.  Wilding Woodworks Tiny Homes only builds Tiny Homes on Wheels and decks our customers request on site.  We do not build platform or stationary homes, tiny or not.​  

Do you have ideas about how to finance my THOW?

  • WWTH are NOAH certified. NOAH offers links to banks willing to help finance a THOW on its website.   

  • The July, 2021 US News and World Report story is focused on getting financing for a Tiny. 

  • WWTH does not offer financing directly but we work with brokers who specialize in unique mortgage products. Let us know if you'd like to hear more. 

How can I move my THOW?

WWTH builds all our models to be legal to tow on the highway without a permit: maximum height 13'6"; maximum width 8'6".   We recommend a one ton truck with dual rear wheels for your move.  If you are within 100 miles of Portland, we would be happy to move your new home and work with you to set it up on site.  If you would like a deck addition, let us know!

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