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Our Promise to You

Excellent mastery of the woodworking and construction craft      **  Transparency     **    Service with a smile            Partnership in planning    **     Prompt response     **      An excellent product  on time     **    Care, focus and intent     **   ​Sustainable green builder techniques and practice     **     Space, light, flexibility and utility​     

NOAH and  ANSI certification.



Rick Wilding,  Wilding Woodworks Tiny Homes Owner, Operator, Master Craftsman,

Boat Builder, and Renaissance Man.

Rick was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and has been in the building and construction trades his entire working life. He started building racing sloops with his Dad when he was 9. The furniture he made for his Moms over 40 years ago is still in our home, as sturdy now as it was then. His work is not only exquisite, it is built to last. He excels at interior and exterior finish work, carpentry and built-ins.  

Carpentry is just part of Rick’s life’s work. He is a shipwright, a mycologist, a multi-instrumentalist, a sailor, a soap maker, an herbalist and a green thumb gardener. He makes wine and brews beer.  He owned and operated Panurge Emporium, a book store, in St Johns and Iron Oak Construction company in Portland.   He is currently completing a life long design project – an off the grid earth ship, a round home built into a hill with a passive solar heated floor for his retirement.

Rick is called on regularly to be lead carpenter and builder for all kinds of projects -- construction of food carts, cabinet building, stairs, saunas, meditation spaces, dance studios. He is focused, however, on the business of his dreams, a business he believes is essential for the health of our planet, the ability of working people to afford a home to call their own,  the mobility climate change can make essential, Wilding Woodworks Tiny Homes,  constructing Tiny Homes that are sustainable, high quality, environmentally sound, affordable and unique.  

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