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The Siuslaw 28' tiny home in the wilderness.

The Siuslaw 28

The Siuslaw has two sleeping lofts, a spacious bath, and bright living quarters.


This Siuslaw is built on a 28' trailer and has 326 square feet of open space. Longer trailers afford more square footage.

The Siuslaw includes:

  • An Iron Eagle Trailer complete with four leveling jacks and solid steel pan

  • One loft

  • Rockwool insulation 

  • USB plugs and dimmer switches

  • Cork flooring

  • Mini-gutters

  • 50-year metal roof

  • Shower, bathtub or combo

  • Service hookups (RV Freshwater hose connection | 100 amp electrical panel | 50 amp RV electrical hook up | RV sewer connection

  • Milgard bronze awning windows

Optional features:

  • Radiant floor heating

  • Mini-split heating and air conditioning

  • Additional loft

  • Composting or regular toilet (on-grid or off-grid models)

  • Tank or tankless water heater

  • Custom baltic birch cabinets

  • Wood floors

  • Type of wood for sills and trim

  • Washer / dryer combo

  • Ground floor bedroom
    (some models)

  • Bump out garage

  • Bio-ethanol anywhere fireplace

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